Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Richard A. Watson, M.D. is our newest member. Although Richard did not indicate a website or blog ulr, I'll list it if he sends it along.

He did send a tag to an interesting article linked here. Another "bioethicist" of the Peter Singer model. Wonderful.

If you thought Peter Singer, now a professor at Princeton University, was Australia’s gift to world bioethics, then I have news for you. One of his PhD students, now a professor at Oxford, Julian Savulescu, is leaving him in the dust.

His postal address may be an ivory tower but he gets down and dirty with “practical ethics”. He argues trenchantly for performance enhancing drugs in sport, genetic screening, early abortion, late-term abortion, sex-selective abortion, embryonic stem cell research, hybrid embryos, saviour siblings, therapeutic cloning, reproductive cloning, genetic engineering of children for higher IQs, eugenics, and organ markets. For starters.

Welcome, Richard. Your invitation to post to this blog is in the (e-)mail.