Monday, 23 April 2007

Welcome to Catholic Physicians Blog

I thought that it might be helpful and informative to create a blog relevant to Roman Catholic Physicians (and yes dentists.) This is meant to be a place where Catholic doctors can post and comment on issues of medicine and faith. A place where we can explore the issues of faith in the setting of our profession as healers and a place to link to medical news and issues relative to our profession. Comment freely and if you are interested in posting to the blog and would like to be included in the blogroll, email me at retina_md at


dadwithnoisykids said...

Count me in! I would love to participate in a Catholic Physicians Blog.

You can look at my blog by following my profile. I also have another blog which lists various syndromes and their implications for anesthesia.

pyrosapien2819 said...

I'm not a pysician, just a firefighter/EMT that works in an ALS/BLS first response and transport EMS system, (all fire department based). I'll just be a lurker, but I will forward your blog to my Doc who is a serious Catholic and would probably enjoy taking part in the discussion.


Rich said...

Can you send me email addresses at or fill in the registration box. Pyro, you are welcome to participate as a "doc."