Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Catholic Physicians Stand as Targets

Here's a bit from the California Catholic Daily regarding physicians who practice medicine in a way consistent with their faith. And they have become targets of those who promote pagan values.
Nationwide, "doctors are becoming more assertive in refusing to treat patients for religious reasons,” said an Aug. 2 USA Today story. Even in California, where two doctors face a lawsuit from a lesbian refused fertility treatment, some doctors are taking a stand for conscience.

But one doctor, George Delgado, is concerned about the future of medical practice for physicians who have such convictions. Delgado, a Family Practice/OB Gyn physician, is the Medical Director at Culture of Life Family Services, a non-profit medical clinic devoted to offering medical help with a Catholic perspective. It is located in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood – a name synonymous with the homosexual lifestyle.

Delgado has practiced for 16 years and has never performed an abortion, although he admits that he once prescribed artificial contraceptives. He says a deeper conversion to his own Catholic faith led him to stop prescribing them: “After reading Humanae Vitae, I was resolved to always practice according to the Church’s teachings.”

Physicians in California and elsewhere may soon lose the right to practice according to their ideals. Two such doctors, Christine Brody and Douglas Fenton, both OB/Gyns at North Coast Women’s Care in Vista, California, are being sued by a former patient who is angry that Brody would not artificially inseminate her because she was a lesbian. The case is yet to be heard by the state Supreme Court. In 2003, the fourth district state appeals court ruled against the physicians

Here's the agenda. Accept, embrace and promote our values over yours or we'll sue you too. Yes, the left is clearly the "tolerant" ideology, isn't it. (Sorry, couldn't help the rant.)

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