Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Cardinal Pell Will Not Be Silenced

One of the more courageous of the Catholic Church refuses to be bullied by liberals who would like to see embryonic stem cells used for medical research. George Cardinal Pell, of Australia, has come under fire for refusing to remain silent on the issue.

Last month, Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, threatened to deny communion to them because the bill would fund the destruction of human life as scientists obtain the cells from days-old unborn children.

Since then, he has come under fire for the comments and some members of the province's parliament have indicated they think its wrong for a top religious official to speak out on political issues.

Pell called those elected officials "intolerant parliamentarians" for trying to silence him. They have asked the State Parliament's privileges committee to determine whether his comments about Catholic politicians was in contempt of Parliament.

So much for the myth of liberal "tolerance."

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