Thursday, 21 June 2007

Gay Adoption Paper Flawed

Medical societies and organizations are coming under increased pressure by the gay and lesbian communities to adopt certain positions on social issues which are favorable to homosexuals. As these pressures and influences increase, look for objective scientific reporting to become increasingly agenda driven. As an example, consider the issue of gay adoption.

"Conclusive" Report by American Academy of Pediatrics on Homosexual Adoption Shown to be Full of Holes
Said to contain "major quotation and interpretive errors that ... invalidate the conclusions in the article."

By Elizabeth O'Brien

IOWA, 1 June 2007 ( - Over the past five years, Dr. Sharon Quick, a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and retired Clinical Assistant Professor from the Washington School of Medicine, has analyzed all of the major scientific literature that was used in the 2002 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Technical Report on Same-Sex "Marriage" Adoptions. The final report was printed in the highly influential Pediatrics journal and concludes by supporting the adoption of children by Gay and Lesbian Couples.

In an Iowa court-case in late May, Dr. Quick gave her official testimony that the Technical Report "contains major quotation and interpretive errors that, irrespective of the quality of the studies cited, invalidate the conclusions in the article."

Many medical societies trust the accuracy of the AAP's investigations and base their policies upon its reports. The report influenced the American Medical association, for example, to support the adoption of children by same-sex parents. The Report was also as evidence in the Massachusetts legal battle over same-sex union and in United States Supreme Court cases as well.

Dr. Sharon Quick discovered that the report inaccurately references an unprecedented 57 percent of its scientific literature. The list of grossly misgathered and misrepresented information reveals the bias and inaccuracy in the Technical Report.

Many other examples of flawed research can be found. But it is very dangerous and harmful to society when political correctness trump sound medical research.

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